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hkcompanies.com - WR Group - have been serving different clients in company formation, creating Hong Kong businesses and selling shelf companies etc.. since 1994. We always distribute the best quality formation and business services at the best market prices to clients.

Some clients may not aware that the registration process of the company formation (either shelf company or tailor made company) is not complete, if you, being the shareholder or director, is not yet registered in the records of governmental offices. Hence, we are offering FULL SERVICES to complete the registration, even we are applying the business registration certificate of your formed company on your behalf as well. In addition, we may assist client in forming company limited by guarantee and application for approved charitable institution.

What's more! We are providing full range of Searches services, Business (Biz) services and Web services. All these services are required by the Startup business or Hong Kong businesses for helps and assistance in management decision, financial reporting, cost reduction and outsourcing....

Searches services include: Land Search, Company Search, Business Registration Search, Bankruptcy Search, Compusoily Winding-Up Search, Civil Ligitation Search...

Business services include: Registered office Provision, Company Secretarial Services, Nominee Services, Accounting & Bookkeeping, Trademark application, Virtual Office Provision, Tax Returns Filing & Advisory (for proprietor/partnership businesses), Taxation Services & Advisory, Auditing ...

Web services include: Domain Name Registration, Web Hosting, Search Engines Submittal, Assistance in Setting-up Credit card merchant account, Email Marketing ...


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